I live my life, for me and no one else. If people try and bring you down, don't let them.People hate seeing you succeed. Live your life with no regrets and enjoy it. THIS BLOG IS ABOUT Beautiful people, things, places, and moments. Be inspired.

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lushpussyhighheels asked: Happy birthday, angel. Wish you the best :*

Thank you xo

Anonymous asked: Happy Birthday! I hope your day is filled with joy and laughter cheers!

Thanks xox

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lastkingcass asked: Happy Birthday 😘

Thank you❤️

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Anonymous asked: Maybe soon, or maybe in 10 years time. Who knows.I'm three years deep and i'm still in my feelings with this guy. It will happen though,saying it for the both of us, and when it does it will be beautiful. Let it out. Don't keep things inside, it will only play with your emotions more. So keep posting.

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Anonymous asked: Love is a bitch. Especially when it is not on your terms or how you expected it to turn out. I've been seeing your posts about love and how it has been affecting you girl and I really feel for you because I feel like i'm in a similar situation. Not saying that I know exactly how you feel because every love story is different It hurts. Really fucking hurts and you are absolutely right, no one can give you the support you truly need other than yourself. It takes time. Continued....

Thank you :*